About Lottie Davies – Creator and Founder of Coldharbourlights

“I am a native Londoner, with family roots in southern Spain and western Wales. Coldharbourlights takes its name from Coldharbour Studios in Brixton where the company was first established. I now work from my garden studio in Herne Hill from where I can keep up the semblance of being a caring and attentive mother.

After graduating in Drama and Art & Design, I trained in both theatre and spatial design with Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Most of the nineties were spent performing theatre shows that toured the UK and Europe. All the while, I was quietly experimenting with interior light designs.”

How did Coldharbourlights evolve?

“My work emerges from my theatre background as another way of creating an experience. These lights aim to be a beautiful and playful focal point for an interior. The chains are responsive to movement; they can swing and disrupt their patterns but will always return. The feathers will respond to a breeze or give you the softest stroke if you brush by them.

As I enjoy putting together incongruous materials, I wanted to use decadent, luxurious textures alongside functional, utilitarian elements. So I found myself combining bicycle wheel rims and ball chain with feathers and crystal in these unique feather chandeliers. There‚Äôs something about them that reminds me of decadent times in Paris.”